Stanford University Geriatric Education Resource Center  

Product List

Code Product Developer Price
Stand-alone Teaching Aids
HB45 Planning a One-Day Retreat Chicago $40
HPC53 Geriatric Pocket Card: Tools for Geriatric Care, 2013 Consortium $3.00
HCD58 Computer-Based Self-Instruction Modules, 4th Ed. Baylor $295
HCD57L Department License for Computer-Based Modules Baylor $305
Packaged Methods for Teaching Geriatric Skills
HBV18 Advance Directives/EOL Discussion, manual/Video Rochester $60
HBV19 Geriatric Assessment/20-minute Visit, manual/Video Rochester $80
HB25 Memory Loss and Depression in the Elderly Baylor $45
HBV30 Geriatrics Objective Structured Clinical Exam, manual Harvard $60
Geriatric Curriculum Manuals
HP5 Guide to Geriatric Training Across the Continuum of Care Hopkins $25
HB41 Curriculum for Primary Care Geriatrics, 2nd Ed. Chicago $100
HP16 Geriatric Curriculum Guide for Residency, 2nd Ed. UCLA $25
Faculty Development Programs
HB60 Who Will Teach Geriatrics? A Faculty Development Program Chicago $75
HB65 Generalist Faculty Development Program Connecticut $75
HB70 Cluster Group Process for the Dev. of Faculty Harvard $40

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