Stanford University Geriatric Education Resource Center  

HCD58: Computer-Based Self-Instruction Modules in Geriatric Medicine, Fourth Edition

Edition 4 of this Windows-based CD-ROM includes 23 self-paced multimedia modules on important topics in geriatrics, including Geriatric Assessment, Urinary Incontinence, Outpatient Management of Heart Failure, Hearing Impairment, Depression, Confusion, Community-Acquired Pneumonia, Falls and Mobility, Weight Loss, Preventive Ethics, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Interdisciplinary Team Care, Pressure Ulcers, Rheumatologic disorders, and Care of the Dying Patient, Oral Health and Elder Mistreatment plus 6 new modules on Delirium in the Elderly, the Aging Eye, Maintaining Homeostasis, Skin Cancer Screening in the Elderly, The Older Driver, and Home Care. Thousands of hot links embedded in text and graphics allow users to progress through the clinical topics at their own pace towards the specific information they seek. Video, audio, still photography and animation support multimedia learning techniques. Modules include learning objectives, self-tests, case studies, patient information materials and references.

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